Gordon SKL

Exquisite Sounds And Visuals

Swiiss Kid Legacy is an international DJ & Photog based out of Chicago and West Hollywood California. With heavy involvement in the music scene, SKL also specializes in capturing live performances on camera. Reach out for booking details on upcoming shows & exhibits.


Gordon Agunobi, also known by the performance name Swiiss Kid Legacy, is a DJ/Photographer from Chicago, Illinois that originated his craft in Geneva, Switzerland. 

SKL has performed at numerous venues across the U.S. but made his true debut in Cannes for the 2015 film festival during a dual DJ set with Adrien Brodi. Since, DJ SKL has prided himself in providing niche, energy-packed dj sets for venues across the midwest and on west coast.

 As SKL continues to perfect his craft, he experiments with a variety of genres including Electo Hop, Alternative Rock, Deep House, Hip Hop and Top 40.

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Musician: Gordon "DJ SKL" Agunobi